Tools for Environment


Tools-Web-Illustration06Environmental data management systems

TOOLS is expert in building up architecture, organizing, managing, and computing environmental data (energy, emissions, material consumption, etc.). It enables an easy way to manage environmental performance indicators for customers, in relationship with products evaluation and direct or indirect measures of the production system. An efficient management of environmental data also allowed identifying and reinforcing synergies between cost optimization and environmental improvements.
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Environmental accounting software

TOOLS develops tailored environmental accounting software. Software can focus on site assessment (such as regulatory compliance, waster or energy optimization…) or on environmental assessment of product (such as life cycle assessment, environmental footprinting, environmental labeling, ecodesign software, carbon footprint…) developed specifically for customers. Tailored software enables saving time in performing studies, involving efficiently team project in environmental strategy, managing compatibility with technical and logistics software, facilitating data exchanges with suppliers, sub-contractors and affiliates, strengthening environmental communication to customer or to public.
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